November 21st, 2012

Mission Statement

Discoveries about the brain have implications for fields ranging across Business, Law, Psychology, and Education. The Stanford Center for Cognitive and Neurobiological Imaging supports scientific investigations into the brain that make rigorous connections between neuroscience and society. Our Mission is to:

  • Support neuroscience discovery for enhancing society
  • Develop and disseminate cognitive and neurobiological imaging methods
  • Create a structured, safe, and innovative environment for human neuroscience research


The Facility

The CNI facility has been designed to reflect experimental needs in the social sciences disciplines. Visit our Wiki for the latest details on the facility and all research equipment.

The core instrumentation provided by the CNI is a research-dedicated 3T MRI scanner, a GE Ultra High Performance system. Technical information is available at GE Healthcare.

The CNI has an array of MRI Coils, including Nova Medical 32-channel and 16-channel head coils and a GE 8-channel head coil.

For stimulus delivery we provide a custom large-screen flat-panel display as well as a goggle system with eye tracker and audio from Resonance Technology, Inc.

Other Equipment includes an MR-compatible 256-channel EEG system, made by EGI, a Polhemus 3D digitizer used for EEG electrode localization, Fiber Optic Response Devices (FORP), by Current Designs, as well as a MRI Simulator (Mock Scanner), provided by Psychology Software Tools, Inc.


The School of Humanities and Sciences is at the heart of Stanford’s mission and integral to each of the university’s multidisciplinary initiatives.

As we look to the future, we can see the promise of a new generation of discoveries as faculty explore the frontiers of knowledge. Our students infuse Stanford’s research with their fresh ideas and contribute creative solutions of their own. But our success will depend in great measure on the participation of all those who share our hopes and believe in the potential of research and education to change the world. We invite you to join us.