CNI operations – March 2021 news

March 8th, 2021
March 8th, 2021

We are glad to see more users returning to scan at CNI. We would like to share two important updates.

(1) Addition of Classroom 050 as a resource for CNI users

We are pleased to report that CNI users have been recently granted access to another room (Classroom 050).  The room is just outside CNI between Building 420 and the Math Building.

Key points regarding the usage of Room 050:

  1. CNI users must have a department-approved SOP that would cover their intended use for Classroom 050.  Their department-SOP should also be updated to include the latest CNI SOP if it is not simply being referenced. 
  2. Use of Classroom 050 is strictly for use in conjunction with a CNI scan — it is not to be used as an independent resource area. Users should reserve Classroom 050 on the CNI scheduling system as they do with other CNI rooms.
  3. The maximum occupancy of Classroom 050 is 4 persons.
  4. Cleaning requirements are identical to other areas in CNI including using disinfecting wipes to clean areas that have been touched such as door handles, conference table, chair arms prior to and after using this room.
  5. We advise keeping the windows open when in use for additional ventilation.
  6. IMPORTANT – Entry access to Building 420 is only via the Psychology main entrance facing the oval.  Users who take advantage of 050 must be prepared to walk up the exterior stairs and around to the front of Building 420 when wishing to re-enter CNI.  We recognize this may be an  inconvenience but it is required to meet county guidelines.

For access to Room 050 please contact the CNI staff.

This information is in the updated CNI SOP pointed to on the CNI Wiki Getting Started page.

(2) All CNI users must be registered in ORMS

All Stanford employees or students coming to Stanford campus (or CNI) must be registered in the Stanford On-Site Role Management System (ORMS).   It is the responsibility of PIs to contact their departmental manager to make sure their staff or students are registered.  New CNI users will not be granted badge access to CNI or Building 420 until they are registered in ORMS.

As a reminder, new CNI users must complete all of the following steps:

  1. Complete CNI new user orientation session on Zoom.  Session times and registration forms are posted on the CNI Wiki Getting Started page.
  2. Review the CNI Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). The CNI SOP covers procedures for participant screenings, enhanced cleaning procedures and other general required behavior during a research session as well as Stanford’s recommendations for employee screening as to whether they can come in to work. Please also review the CNI SOP Slideshow illustrating the main processes of the CNI SOP.
  3. Complete the CNI COVID mitigation quiz/verification form
  4. Complete the EHS training (STARS course code EHS-2470-WEB) on COVID19 information

We look forward to seeing you at the CNI!

The CNI Team

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