Expanded Subject Recruiting Pool

July 14th, 2020
July 14th, 2020

Subject Pool Expanded to Include Any Stanford Affiliate Already on Main Campus

Please note that as of tomorrow, July 15,  Stanford has expanded the allowable human subject recruiting pool for researchers using CNI to anyone already approved to be on the main campus.  The complete text from the Research Recovery Handbook reads as follows.

IRB-approved, in-person, non-clinical human subjects research activities that take place on campus may restart beginning July 15, 2020, for protocols that have met all of the following criteria:

  1. Subjects are exclusively Stanford affiliates who are authorized by their departments and/or schools to be on the same campus location as the research facility for allowable business, and are registered in ORMS,Both subjects and researchers involved in in-person protocols are ready and willing to participate, in compliance with IRB recruitment and consent procedures.
  2. Volunteer subjects should be recruited and recorded in ways that ensure willingness to participate is uninfluenced by supervision relationships (e.g., solicitations and decisions of whether or not to participate is kept confidential and anonymized for supervisors).
  3. PIs have submitted Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documentation that conforms to all requirements for Stage 2 Laboratories Research in the https://cardinalrecovery.stanford.edu/research/research-recovery/ (e.g., density criteria, hygiene, laboratory headcount and building population density), and the SOP documentation has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate department and/or school;
  4. PIs commit to providing timely feedback, relevant insights, and challenges to the non-clinical human subjects’ research recovery working group about restart procedures and lessons learned while restarting.
  5. Compliance with all rules, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and scheduling programs for the research facility/building are being routinely monitored and deviations immediately reported.

Other non-clinical human subjects research should continue to be postponed or conducted online until a safe return to campus is possible.

The CNI Team

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