Extending COVID Mitigation Procedures Through September

August 27th, 2021
August 27th, 2021

Delay in New CNI Guidelines

Previously we announced a return to back-to-back scanning as of September 1st.  Now, in consideration of this new wave (Delta) of COVID disease, and after consultation with Stanford health experts, we have decided that it will be CNI policy to maintain the COVID mitigation procedures through September.  This is not a University imposed requirement.

After reviewing the current schedule, it is our impression that keeping the current mitigations will not be a substantial burden on the CNI users for the month of September. To maintain the mitigation procedures we modified the current scan schedule to add COVID mitigation 1/2-hour blocks wherever possible in September.  Please schedule any new scans accounting for the 30 minute mitigation blocks.

We will be in contact with groups that need to adjust their schedules to accommodate the 1/2-hour gap between subjects.  Please do not cancel scans and make changes yourself — we will do this so no cancellation fees will be triggered.

Please remember that as always:  you should be complete with all scanning and have exited your subject by the end of your normal scan slot.  The only thing that should be happening during the COVID mitigation block is additional cleaning, and should only take 5-10 minutes — the major intent of this block is to allow for air exchange in the room.

Scanning After October 1st

Assuming the current COVID wave subsides, we will resume more normal operations beginning October 1st.  After that date users will no longer be asked to  include a 1/2 hour COVID Mitigation block between scans.  At that time,  we will also remove the enhanced cleaning procedure requirement, though we will still ask scan operators to wipe down surfaces the subject touches (squeeze ball, inside of the receive array, ear pads) within the normal scan reservation period.

When we return to normal, please be considerate of  other users: Book scans with either no gap, or a one-hour gap or larger between successive sessions.

Remember — you will need to pay attention and stay on time during your scan session.  Scan operators and subjects should leave the scan control room by or before the end of your session.

Thanks for your help in keeping everyone safe!

The CNI Team

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