Flywheel: Part Four

August 29th, 2018
August 29th, 2018


We are on track to switch over to Flywheel on Saturday, September 1.  As of that day, new data collected at CNI will not be placed in NIMS.  New data will be sent  to Flywheel directly (  NIMS will be kept online as legacy only.

Logins for the Flywheel site is managed by Stanford authentication, via Google. So to login click the ‘Sign in with Google’ button.


Login page of the Flywheel data management system

Login page of the Flywheel data management system


Freezing NIMS

Users often make changes to NIMS after data are uploaded, so we will permit edits (e.g., notes) until Saturday, Sept. 8th.  However, any edits made after August 31 will not be automatically carried over to Flywheel (which we have been doing).  After Sept. 8th we plan to freeze the NIMS database and make it read-only.

Data from October 1 2018 are already in the new Flywheel system.  NIMS contains about 7 years worth of legacy data.  Over the next year we plan to migrate all the NIMS data into Flywheel as well. If you would like specific Projects in NIMS integrated sooner, please let us know.


People who use NIMS-FS (through the CNI Linux Containers) should note that no new data will be accessible through that mechanism. Those wishing for “command line access” to CNI data will need to use a different technology.  The Flywheel CLI (command line interface) is an option for those of you who have used the features in NIMS-FS.  The CLI has methods for importing and exporting data from your authorized projects, and it runs on multiple platforms.  The CLI can be downloaded from your profile page within Flywheel. If you’re interested, please contact Michael Perry for instructions about how to install and use the Flywheel CLI.

- The CNI Team



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