Important administrative updates for CNI users

February 28th, 2020
February 28th, 2020

Getting Started

There have been several updates to the CNI “Getting Started” wiki page - All onboarding information for new users at CNI is contained there. Please direct new CNI users in your labs  to read the information on this page. The new updates are:

New Registration Forms for CNI orientation sessions

As of March 1, 2020, new CNI users  will be able to register for upcoming CNI Level1/Level2 orientation sessions through links on the CNI Getting Started page –  (In the past it was necessary to contact the Facility Manager directly). Registration forms for upcoming sessions will be posted as the already posted ones get filled and the calendar advances. Session sizes are limited to 8 attendees.

As a reminder – anyone wishing to use the CNI facilities must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the CNI online training module on Canvas that explains key issues concerning safety and MR operation.
  2. After completing the on-line training for Level 1 and Level 2 new users should register for an upcoming CNI orientation session as described above. Additionally to maintain a safe and welcoming environment at CNI users should review and sign the CNI User etiquette form when they are registering for the in-person orientation session.
  3. Attendance at the CNI orientation session designates new users as Level 2 users. After attending an orientation session Stanford badges are activated for CNI and Jordan Hall access, and users’ e-mails are added the CNI users’ mailing list. After attending the CNI orientation session Level 2 operators may enter the magnet room to assist setting up the equipment, to instruct and position volunteer subjects, and to assist with any other participant related activities. Level 2 users may only operate the MRI scanner under the supervision of Level 3 users. Users can advance to Level 3 (Independent operator status) after sufficient experience at Level 2.

New training and registration forms for Urine-based testing

For  groups  doing Stanford IRB approved Urine-based testing, please review the posted training materials.  Also, please complete the required forms on the “Getting Started” page to be CLIA Certificate of Waiver compliant.


There is general parking information for visitors at Stanford here –  – CNI specific parking information here -   Updates regarding car parking passes for research participants are:

“Q” parking passes

“Q” parking passes continue to be available for study participants. Please see the MRI Research Facility Manager, Laima Baltusis, to obtain these parking passes to distribute to your research participants as needed. You can get one or several at a time as needed for your study. There are four parking Q parking spaces and they are currently located at the top of the Oval (same side as Jordan Hall) beside the blue parking spots for the disabled. Parking at the “Q” parking spaces is enforced 24/7. Please fill out or have your participant fill out the ‘Q’ permit with the date of the appointment (month, day, and year) and leave it on the dashboard of the car.

“A” parking passes

Due to University-wide parking regulation changes, CNI will no longer be able to supply A-Parking scratchers. These can only be issued by your lab’s Administrative Associate through a departmental on-line portal. Further information is here –

Please note  – The following information, at a minimum, will be required to issue any A-Parking permit: Visitor’s Name, Visitor’s E-mail, Visitor’s License Plate Number, Visitor’s License Plate Number State, Date of Permit, PTA required for payment.

Any questions – please let us know.

The CNI team


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