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July 23rd, 2021
July 23rd, 2021

Scanning After Aug 2nd: New mask and distancing guidelines

Beginning Monday, Aug. 2, CNI will follow Stanford’s updated guidelines for mask-wearing and physical distancing with one addendum.  The new guidelines do not require fully vaccinated individuals to wear a mask indoors; but, individuals who are not fully vaccinated are required to continue wearing a mask when indoor.  Also, physical distancing will no longer be required.

The CNI specific addendum is that scan participants must wear a mask in the scanner. We adopt this requirement to be consistent with healthcare requirements and in recognition of the increasing (but still small) presence of COVID positive individuals in the our community.

We are asking Human Subjects to approve a modified screening form that includes a question regarding vaccinated status.

We will post new signage reminding unvaccinated individuals to wear a mask.  We will continue to require scan operators to follow the enhanced cleaning procedures before and after each scan session through the end of August.  And we ask you to be considerate of people who decide that they wish to wear a mask.

Scanning After September 1st

Beginning September 1st, users will no longer be asked to  include a 1/2 hour COVID Mitigation block between scans.  At that time,  we will also remove the enhanced cleaning procedure requirement, though we will still ask scan operators to wipe down surfaces the subject touches (squeeze ball, inside of the receive array, ear pads) within the normal scan reservation period.

As we return to normal, please be considerate of  other users: Book scans with either no gap, or a one-hour gap or larger between successive sessions.

Remember — you will need to pay attention and stay on time during your scan session.  Scan operators and subjects should leave the scan control room by or before the end of your session.


A few reminders as research density at CNI continues to increase:

  1. Protocol Development time is restricted — it can only be booked during regular time within 48 hours, and during off hours within 5 days.  If you need to book Protocol Development time outside of those bounds, please ask Laima in advance for permission.
  2. Cancellation fees are in effect.  Please be sure to only schedule time when you have a confirmed subject, and cancel as early as possible so that other users may have an opportunity to use the scanner.

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