New Masking Guidelines

March 2nd, 2022
March 2nd, 2022

New Masking Guidelines

CNI will begin following the new masking guidelines established by the University as of today.  These guidelines are that

  • Wearing masks is optional
  • Wearing masks is recommended for all individuals regardless of vaccination status.

This decision is based on several factors.  First, the air flow throughout the CNI is good.  Second, the overlap between different groups is minimal.  Third, we know that our community is cautious, and respectful of one another.

Our community has been very supportive during the darkest moments of this pandemic.  We ask you to continue respecting each individual’s choice in this matter, and we will continue to work with you to be safe in all matters regarding behavior at the CNI.

Ongoing COVID Mitigation

We will continue to provide regular and MRI-safe masks, hand sanitizer and gloves at the front entry for those who would like to use them.  Regular disinfection of any pads that are used or frequently touched surfaces is still required.  When time is available, we also encourage you to wipe down the scanner bore.  Scrubs and disposable socks for scan subjects are still required.  The CNI COVID screening form will still need to be completed until we have an update from the Stanford Reseach Recovery group.  We also highly encourage you to run on the MRI bore fan whenever a subject exits the scanner.  Thorough ventilation is healthy.  Always.

Groups scanning vulnerable subjects such as unvaccinated (COVID-19) children may continue through the end of March to book a 1/2-hour COVID mitigation block in advance of their scan to allow for more air exchange.  Beginning April this will not be offered and we ask investigators to please reschedule their scans back-to-back wherever possible to avoid inefficient scanner use.

Thanks for your help in keeping everyone safe!

The CNI Team

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