May 11th, 2017

General support

General support for scanning and equipment can be obtained by sending an email to


Core support

During core hours (8:00AM to 6:00PM Monday through Friday) Laima Baltusis will be the primary CNI staff along with Hua Wu available to assist for any scanning or equipment issues.

Michael Perry and Adam Kerr will be at CNI as additional staff support at 50% of their time. Their schedule is shown below:

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 4.04.10 PM

After hours support: After 6:00PM weekdays, weekends, and holidays

For scanner or peripheral issues please contact Hua Wu or Michael Perry. If you have trouble reaching someone or need additional help, please contact Laima Baltusis or Adam Kerr.


CNI office locations and phone numbers

Laima Baltusis, Room 061, CNI office phone 650 725 8382

Hua Wu, Room 069, CNI office phone 650 723 0967

Michael Perry, Room 068, Main Office Phone 650-724-1419

Adam Kerr, Room 070, CNI office phone 650 725 0051

CNI Reception area, Room 060 – 650 724 3347

MRI Control Room, Room 065 – 650 724 6420 or 650 724 7380 (Land line located by printer)


Medical emergencies, fire, and security

In case of medical and other emergencies, if using Stanford University phones dial 9-911, on public phones dial 911.

For emergency responders: CNI is located on the lower level (basement) of Jordan Hall, Rooms 061-076, Building 420, 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305. After an emergency situation has stabilized, please contact Laima Baltusis.

If there is an immediate facilities problem (example – flooding) please call 650 723 2281 (Stanford Facilities hotline) for immediate attention. After the situation has stabilized, please contact Laima Baltusis.