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May 7th, 2020
May 7th, 2020

We have updated the CNI IRB page  to consolidate and simplify the descriptions and classifications of equipment and devices at CNI.  The new documentation consolidates the Device description to include the new UHP MRI scanner, software and coils in your IRB applications.  These do not need to called out separately. This updated information was prepared and approved in consultation with the Human Subjects Committee.

As aids you can use the CNI IRB and CNI consent forms posted on the CNI IRB Wiki page. These documents are the most recent modfications, which include scanning on the new 3T UHP system, and also the ability to scan both at CNI and at the Lucas Center. You will also need to attach the CNI participant screening form to your submission, which is also posted on the CNI IRB Wiki page.

If you already have modified or created a new IRB that describes the CNI UHP scanner and auxiliary equipment that has been approved, there’s no need to start a new modification.  If you are planning to write such an update, we suggest you use this information.

The CNI Team


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