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February 25, 2015

The CNI mission statement emphasizes our support for novel neuroimaging experiments that advance understanding of brain function and/or potentially benefit society. Over the last two years, CNI Innovation grants supported many diverse projects.

This year we are again in the fortunate position of being able to support innovation. We now welcome applications for funds to purchase scan time at the CNI. Innovative projects that require up to 30 hours of scanner time for data acquisition will be considered. Note that these funds can only be used for scan time at the CNI.

The deadline for CNI Innovation grant applications is Friday, March 27th. Award announcements will be made by Wednesday, April 1st. These awards must be used by August 31st, 2015. Funds not used by August 31st will be forfeited. Please do not apply for this funding if you are not prepared to promptly begin your project and use the funds by the August deadline. Proposed projects must be conducted under the supervision of a PI who is a member of the academic council.

The one-page application should include an abstract of no more than 75 words, a conceptual explanation, and a proposed timeline for the scanning hours. We are seeking to understand the scientific and/or societal motivation for the project and to verify that the research is authorized by the IRB. To apply, please complete this online form:

We thank the Dean of Research for continuing to support the CNI Innovation grants.

Robert Dougherty (

Brian Wandell

'You need permission' error: We strongly prefer that you use your Stanford account. If you normally use gmail (or any other google service), you may get a 'You need permission' error when you try to access the form. This is because your are trying to access it with your google account rather than your Stanford account. You should be able to sign in to your Stanford account by going to and clicking on the account management icon (it's the little picture of yourself, or your email address, in the upper-right of the page). From there, you can 'add account'. At the log-in page, enter your (E.g., and leave the password blank. You should then get the SUNet web login page (or not, if you're already logged in to your Stanford account on another tab). After you authenticate, it will take you back to, but you'll notice that the account management icon now shows that you're logged into your Stanford account. Then try the link again. If you still have trouble, have a look at the IT services guide to using Google services through your Stanford account, or this guide to switching accounts from google. It may also help to go to the webdocs portal and log in there before trying the link to our form.

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