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January 9th, 2017

The CNI mission statement emphasizes our support for novel neuroimaging experiments that advance understanding of brain function and/or potentially benefit society. Over the last four years, CNI Innovation grants supported many diverse projects.

This year we are again in the fortunate position of being able to support innovation. We now welcome applications for funds to purchase scan time at the CNI. Innovative projects that require up to 30 hours of scanner time for data acquisition will be considered. Note that these funds can only be used for scan time at the CNI.

The deadline for CNI Innovation grant applications is Friday, January 27th. Award announcements will be made by Wednesday, February 1st. These awards must be used by August 15th, 2017. Funds not used by August 15th will be forfeited. Please do not apply for this funding if you are not prepared to promptly begin your project and use the funds by the August deadline. Proposed projects must be conducted under the supervision of a PI who is a member of the academic council.

The one-page online application is about 500 words, including an abstract (75 words), a brief conceptual explanation, and a proposed timeline for the scanning hours. Please use the application to explain the scientific and/or societal motivation for the project, verify that the research is authorized by the IRB, and confirm that your timeline is plausible.

We thank the Dean of Research for continuing to support the CNI Innovation grants.

Bob Dougherty (

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Brian Wandell

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