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MR Scanner

The CNI scanner is a GE Discovery MR750. It's currently running ESE version 23.1 v02 (the GE operating system). To compile EPIC psd's for the scanner, we have a dedicated server with the necessary software environment installed. Just contact us for details.

When the GE OS is upgraded there are certain procedures that must be followed to get certain peripherals working normally. Those procedures are described on the Scanner Upgrade Procedure page.


  • Standard GE bird-cage head coil
  • InVivo 8-channel head array (similar to this one)
  • Nova Medical 32-channel head coil (interior coil dimensions - 18.5 cm width, 21 cm length, 24 cm height to nose bridge, 21 cm height to forehead)
  • Nova Medical 16-channel visual array. This is similar to the Nova 32-channel coil, but with the front half removed to allow a completely unobstructed field of view for visual studies. (interior coil dimensions - 18.5 cm width, 21 cm length, 10 cm height)


  • Tektronix TDS2024B4 channel oscilloscope to debug pulse sequences.
  • Custom foam padding for positioning subjects.

MR Simulator

The CNI has an MR Simulator available for pre-scan training.

Physiological Monitoring

In addition to the respiration and pulse oximetry integrated with the GE scanner, the CNI also has a MedRad Veris for additional physiological measures, such as ECG.

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